Changzhou locates in the beautiful and fertile Yangtze river golden triangle region, is close to Shanghai and Nanjing metropolis equidistant, connects with Suzhou, Wuxi and form the suxichang metropolitan circle.Changzhou has a very superior geographical conditions and convenient transportation conditions, the city in the north the Yangtze river, Taihu lake in the south, Shanghai-Nanjing railway, Shanghai-Nanjing expressway, 312 state road, the beijing-Hangzhou grand canal and in the past.The city water network interweave, lienchiang sea.The Yangtze river port of Changzhou as opening port of national first class, cargo throughput of more than one million tons. Changzhou with written records of more than 2500 years, is a cultural ancient city (in the history of "Dragon city" ), at the same time is a full of modern flavor, economy more developed emerging industrial city.

Our company is a professional mechanical equipment manufacturer of aluminum material decoration materials industry, till now we have 15 years technical experience. Our main products are medium and high-end energy-saving PE aluminum-plastic composite panel production line, A2 Grade metal fireproof composite panel production line and related aluminum color coating equipment, laminating line, and we can also customize similar panel composite production line, laminating machine production line according to customer needs.

For many years, our company has been supported and praised by our customers, and we have reached strategic cooperative relations with many famous enterprises in domestic and abroad. We sincerely welcome customers to visit our factory. Thank you for your support!

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